– Create MS Office Account [Instant]

The dominance of Microsoft doesn’t need any introduction, especially among tech-savvy, and in the corporate arena. Applications, software, and services offered by Microsoft know no limitation of international boundaries as they are extensively farmed in Office work and used by almost every person who owns a computer or laptop. If you are a professional, or a freelancer, or working in a company as a full-time employee, Microsoft applications have a role for everyone to play.

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What is difficult to access these applications and services from the house of Microsoft. It was quite a pain a few years ago when you had to leave the comfort of your home to explore computer markets for an affordable deal on the subscription of Microsoft Office productivity suite. But the scenario changed dramatically since the era of Internet came into existence. Now, Microsoft Office lovers can get their hands on whatever MS Office application they desire to have in their computer by just visiting on their Internet browser. is an online platform that offers you more than what you imagined while subscribing your Office suite. It gives you direct access to your MS office products and services that you want to subscribe at a lightning speed without having annoying advertisements and pop-ups on your screen that you had to endure while looking for an attractive offer on the internet.

Having the latest updates on your MS office products while ensuring on-time renewal of subscription is a piece of cake with It gives total control of office products in the hands of users which makes it simple for users to manage the whole package on fingertips. alerts you whenever Microsoft releases latest updates or changes to allow users boost the potential of their office experience.

What is

It is the path that leads to the gateway for global users to enter the world of Microsoft. is an online destination that enables MS office users from around the world to sign in to their Microsoft personal account where every minor detail of your Office products becomes accessible after you enter your username and password. You need to type the URL in the web browser and hit the enter button to sign in your account.

With the Microsoft account page, you can install and reinstall MS office versions of 2016, 2019, 2013 and Office 365, and mitigate the risks of file corruption due to lack of updates.

Why you need the MS Office account?

To get MS Office suite , you need to have an existing and active Microsoft account. Through the account, you can access the full range of products, services as well as updates and latest offers by Microsoft. You can also sign into your Outlook mail, Xbox Live, Windows Phone, OneDrive, etc.

Aside from this, you can purchase as many copies of MS office suites as you want via You can choose to pay for specific applications that match your work needs. You can also carry out a number of other tasks that are quite common in the office environment.

If you have a personal Microsoft Office My Account, then you can do any of the above tasks easily without asking for technical support from any third-party organization.

Yet, if you don’t have one, or if you don’t know how to get one, then follow the commands below to create a new account.

How to create a new Office account via

  1. Open your web browser and visit (and click on “”)
  2. Click on “Sign in” button
  3. Enter the username and password to get access to your account
  4. If a message pops-up on your screen “the account is deactivated”, then click on “Sign Up”
  5. Enter a valid Email ID for registration with name, phone number, age to create a valid account
  6. Click “Next” that is visible in blue color
  7. Make sure to create a password that is easy to recall yet a uniquely-fabricated one that is undetectable for anyone outside. The password should be of 8 characters in length. You can add numbers as well.
  8. Hit the “Next” button
  9. You’ll get a security code for verification purpose
  10. Just login the email ID by entering your password and get to inbox to access the verification code. If you’ve registered a phone number, you will receive the code on your phone’s message box.
  11. Copy the verification code and enter it on the verify email page
  12. Click “Next”
  13. To ensure that you’re not a robot, enter the code visible on your screen.
  14. Hit the blue colored “Next” button
  15. Viola, you’ve successfully created a new Microsoft account

Once the procedure is done, you can visit and click on “Sign in” to enter your username and password to gain access into your account whenever you want.


If the process seems difficult to implement, you can always seek expert guidance on the matter. You can engage in online conversation with their representatives via LiveChat option, or send your query on their official email.