Xiaomi launches new fast charging technology

Think that your mobile gets full charged in 8 minutes wow it will be amazing. Well Xiaomi has accomplished it. Xiaomi launches its 200W new fast charging technology on 31 may which will charge 4000mAh battery in 8 minutes.

It has officially demonstrated the new tech on its YouTube channel. With its 200Watt wired charging it has full charged the mobile. Our team Ofice to Office has shared some information regarding this topic.

Xiaomi's First 200W Wired & 120W Wireless Fast Charging

Wireless charging

Same way it is also wirelessly charged the same mobile within 15 minutes. This new technology us called as xiaomi hyper charge. Both of the charging undergone demonstration and uploaded in their Youtube and video views is still increasing

Personal thoughts on fast charging


It will be really helpful to the people in saving time in charging.

The company checks the safety of using hyper charge then only they will release on market but people have doubt that if battery charges this fast it may cause accidents like battery busts. So it will take time to gain their trust.


It is the main factor which people will notice. As we all know compared to Samsung, Apple and other brands Xiaomi is the only brand which sells mobile at affordable price with decent feautures. We did not know the exact price of mobile with hyper charge technology but may be RS 20000 and above. Most of middle class people and low income people are using only Redmi mobile phones.

We have to wait for the official price and in future this tech price will reduce.


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