5 valid reasons to choose electric vehicle

Many of us are using bikes and cars which runs on the petrol or diesel. In India petrol price reaches a 100 Rupees which is never seen in the history. Due to that transportation cost has increased and people are suffering because of the petrol hike. Which has turned the people focus toward the electric vehicle. So let’s see some of the benefits of having an electric vehicle.

benefits of electric vehicle

No fuel only charging

The main benefit of having electric vehicle is low fuel cost. Fuel means electricity used to charge the batteries. In normal vehicle today we use petrol where the price is fluctuating and increasing. In EV while charging the battery some units of current used and we have to pay for that which will not cost you more than 20 rupees. It is based on how much units consumed. So nearly 70% of money saved when compared to petrol vehicles.

Less or Zero maintenance

Major components of EV is motor, wheels, battery and other electrical components. So there is no need to concentrate more on maintenance.  Other petrol vehicle has number of components which needs to be serviced at regular intervals and same way repairing cost also need to be consider. The huge cost in electric vehicle is the battery and some company provide warranty for certain time period also. So in case of any repair in EV just need to change the part which is done with less time.

Eco friendly

Earth has taken heavy damage due to the emission of toxic gases from all petrol and diesel vehicle. Most of the countries are planning to reduce the carbon emission level which can be achieved only by eliminating vehicles run on fossil fuels and most found one solution that is EV. Increase in Electric vehicle usage among people helps to reduce air pollution. This is good opportunity for business in developing countries like India. Ola had launched Ola electric scooter in India and the response among people is humongous. EV is pollution free eco-friendly transportation of future.

Cost effective pricing

Investing in an EV is good choice because it is one time investment with less operating cost. Ordinary petrol bike ranges from seventy thousand and goes beyond based on the brand model. Recently ola launched ola electric scooter pricing 99000. You may think it is costly than normal bikes but considering today scenario you can save 70RS per day we can take it using EV for 300 days a year which totals 21,000 you can save compared to petrol vehicle in terms of fuel.

Note: Only any damage in battery will cost more. Companies provide 3 years warranty any damage can be compensated during the period. After the expiry of warranty period they will charge money.

New upgrades

Upgrades in electric vehicle is unimaginable. Tesla is good example which shows how technology can be implemented in electric vehicles. Self driving cars is made possible by Tesla autopilot only by which received positive response from mass people. Fast charging also helps to remove fear of getting powered out and also more number of charging stations will be installed in all areas. There are more technological upgrades are available and still many new upgrades will introduced in future also.

We all know Electric vehicle is the future of transportation. Imagine if the entire world changed to EV there will no air pollution from automobiles which is a big thing to save the earth. Same way usage of fossil fuels will automatically reduce. At the moment Electric vehicle price may be higher but in future definitely it will be reduced. As many new player enter into the EV industry it will benefit the customers only.

Making Earth a safer planet for future generation is more important and encouraging Eco friendly products must be supported by everyone.

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