6 Simple ways for helping poor people

In this fast growing world there are still millions of people who were struggling in poverty. Many countries are spending billions of dollars on infrastructure development, technology and defense. But still there are people unable to get basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. Pandemic crisis also made a huge impact on people living under poverty line and middle class people also. Government from all over the world are implementing various schemes to help the poor people. As a fellow human being we can also take part in helping the needy people.

Let’s look at the simple possible ways for helping poor people.

Simple ways for helping poor people

Giving Food

A statistic show nearly one third of food produced is wasted. When there is lot of people suffer in poverty tons of food get wasted or thrown away. In most of the under developed countries like Africa there are children who die due to malnutrition. So you can help by avoiding food wastage. Also you can help by giving food which you have excess. Poor people will not ask for pizza, burger. They just need normal food to survive.

In hotels more food dumped in trash. Instead of putting in trash hotels can give the food to needy people. Same way in malls and during family function like marriage there may be excess food which can be used to feed poor.

By crowdfunding

Digital growth helped to connect people who are willing to donate and people who are in need. There are some people who have the heart to help people but they do not have money to do it. Crowdfunding is a boon for them. We can use crowdfunding to get donations globally for medical, poverty, education…etc. some of the crowdfunding apps are Milaap, ketto

All you have to do is state a fair cause in these crowdfunding and the donors will help you. You can also become a donor by even giving a small amount.

Helping in special function

We will all have a special day in our life it may be a birthday, marriage day and festivals. On these day we spend on lot of things like clothing, food and party. So you can allocate a small amount to help the poor nearby you. During festival seasons people can give food or old clothes people nearby you. Only certain number of people who needs help like that in a particular area. Thus we can take little care of needy people around us.

Offer old belongings

It is the better way to reuse an old product. It may be clothes, shoes or any product which you can offered to give. Students may easily find their juniors who cannot able to buy books, or school accessories like bag, shoes and donate to them. There may be unused products in your home but it will be a new product to the needy people.

Join with NGO’s

NGO’s are playing vital role in helping poor and many social welfare opportunities. Most of the NGO’s have a goal and a structure of operation. You can become a volunteer by giving your service to them. Even you can organize a camp in your village for eye or health checkup. Many rallies conducted among school or college students for creating awareness or social causes.

Give free one day of your professional service

Not only money or food you can give to needy people but you can also give you professional as free for one day. Mostly medical service is much needed compared to other services. Poor people cannot afford to have medical check-up or other health treatments. Late Dr. K.V. Thiruvengadam had offered his medical service for the past 45 year at 5 RS to the poor people. Not only doctors any means of service which can benefit poor people can give their service for free or minimal cost for a day.

To sum up

Poverty is a human made thing in this modern world. When the nations started to colonize other nation and exploit  their resources and wealth, this is where poverty started to increase. Now all countries are trying to eliminate poverty. From the above mentioned simple steps an individual can contribute his part for the development of needy people. If we organize a group and take care of the poor people near us we can reduce a considerable amount of poverty. Finally we have to educate our future generation and grow the helping tendency from the young age itself. So that when they grow up they can build a sustainable society  for all.


Do I need money to help?

Definitely no helping may be in any form it may be in service or small contribution of time and support.

How can I help the poor in my community?

You can organize small group with your friends. On Sunday’s or when you have leave you can plan as team and donate food, clothes or any support to poor in your community.

Why we should help poor?

As a human being we cannot watch fellow human suffer in hunger. You are giving an opportunity to the needy people by providing moral support.

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