Best beard trimmer for men in Philips

External Appearance is the primary thing people will notice while looking at an individual for the first time. In order to make the external appearance look attractive both men and women are spending a lot of time and money. For men it’s the face and hairstyles are the key factors which helps them to boost their beauty and appearance.

Beard trimmers play an unavoidable role in every man’s grooming products check list. As of today’s generation youths they have their own electric beard trimmer in house for shaping their beard. In the market there are many beard trimmers are available.  But if you are looking for long lasting battery and performance it’s a clever option to go for branded ones. While searching for the best trimmer Phillips is the first things which come to our mind. Phillips is the leading brand in this industry with experience of innovation in various products. Now let’s look deep into Phillips beard trimmer and do complete analysis on charging, performance, battery life etc

Philips beard trimmer BT1210


First the design of the trimmer is built for comfortable holding. The Ergonomic design helps to have a better grip over the product. We can feel the steady grip while changing the trimming position. As we have used some of the other brands we can easily find the difference in the performance. Even after four months of usage it trims as the first time because of the self-sharpening blades. We can able to use three times comfortably after a single charge. Over all it’s a quality product under this pricing segment.


USB charging is the main key feature available in this product. In this Phillips trimmer model there is no charging adapter has been given inside the box, it’s a quite disappointment. We have to use our normal mobile charging adapter for charging the trimmer. It is a really an advantage because in old models comes with charger which is specially made for the trimmer. If it is damaged or lost we cannot able to use the trimmer. But now with this USB charging feature there is no worries charging will be easy. But it takes 8hrs of charging time and after that we can use 30 minutes continuously. Charging time takes a bit longer. In the box we can see a USB charging cable of good quality but the length of the cable is short.


To buy a quality beard trimmer we have to pay more than the normal ones. Previously Phillips trimmer price is quite a high but now they have introduced their low cost model Phillips beard trimmer BT1210/15 RS.895 ($12).  So most of the middle segment users are attracted and like to use a branded trimmer at affordable pricing. Not only that there are some premium trimmers are available at various price ranges. It’s a better option to choose if you are looking for an high performance at affordable price. You can also  check Amazon price.

Model Phillips beard trimmer BT1210/15
Charging option USB Charging
Run Time 30 minutes after 8 hrs charging
Combs (1 mm and 5 mm)
Type Cordless trimmer
Warranty 2 years
Accessories USB charging cable, 2 combs and brush

Useful features:

  • Best branded trimmer at the middle segment price range (RS 900)
  • USB charging option available.
  • Good grip on the product while holding at various positions.
  • Self sharpening blades for clean trimming.
  • Comes with a Detachable blades help to easy cleaning after usage.
  •  Non scratching blades are used to avoid damages to skin and to get comfortable trim.


  • Charging time is long
  • Only 2 attachable combs are given. So we can trim at two sizes only(1 mm and 5 mm)
  • Compared to the charging time the usage time is very less.
  • No charging adapter provided.

Over all Phillips trimmer BT1210 is a quality product with good performance. It also comes with a two years service warranty it’s a huge benefit. Low cost trimmers are available but we cannot expect good performance or quality in the product. If you choose branded one like Phillips it will be worth for the money you spent. As we are testing and using the product for months, we can say that it is has a better performance. It will give you a smooth and comfortable beard trimming. You can give a try on this product, sure it will not disappoint you.

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