Daimler-BMW joins hand to develop self-driving technology

Daimler, a German multinational automotive manufacturer, has entered into long-term strategic partnership with BMW, to design self-driving cars for commercial use. The two automakers will collaborate their years of expertise and technological prowess to introduce a new automated driving technology by the mid-2020s.

autonomous driving technology

In a recent statement, the Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler and BMW, a British car automotive behemoth – both are known for their expensive car models including Mini and Rolls Royce, unveiled their intentions to develop high-end driver assistance system and automated driving on highways up to SAE level 4.

The move was set to take place after the last week’s conference on a 50:50 joint venture company BMW and Daimler, where they have exhibited all their mobility services under one roof – despite their rivalry in the automotive sector.

The duo automakers will work together to surpass rivals in the area

The duo is set to develop a lucrative platform to emerge in the field of self-driving car technology. It is a well-known fact that developing a technology that will allow you to sit tight and enjoy a car ride powered by some AI software, is a task of unparallel human efforts and expertise, due to which both the companies are looking for potential partners to help accelerate the process.  They have also revealed their intentions of seeking additional support and partners from outside the automotive sector – often between rivals, to help transform this dream project into reality.

Ford and Volkswagen have teamed up in the race, developing together autonomous and electric cars for commercial purpose. BMW is sharing technologies and efforts with Fiat Chrysler and Intel; Softbank and Toyota are in cahoots, Renault-Nissan alliance is collaborating with Google, all of them are working in the same direction to develop car-driving services based upon self-driving technology. It is not surprising that several other automobile makers, including startups, entrepreneurs, and technology partners are exploring the myriad avenues of the autonomous driving realm, too.

Daimler and BMW have a history of the business rivalry, however, it never stopped them from working together for the future of the automobile industry. They have partnered with each other and worked independently on various occasions to develop self-driving technology to stay ahead of startup organizations and they are expected to deliver the first fully-functional self-driving car by the mid of 2020. By forge their collective resources and efforts, they want to remain a front-runner in the sector of autonomous car driving.

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