Revert to your earlier version of Office Setup 2016 Click-to-run

Microsoft never made a secret of the fact that most of the updates are at first made unavailable for a majority of Office 365 customers at the same time. Sometimes, customers have to wait for months to get their hands on the latest updates via However, even if made available, sometimes these updates do not live up to their promises and compel the users to switch back to previous Office setup 2016 version.

Office Setup 2016

Considerable facts to revert to earlier version of Office setup 2016 Click-to-run

In this chapter, we will discuss the recommended steps on how to revert to the earlier version of Office setup 2016 Click-to-run, if an update isn’t working right.

Please note: By default, Office Setup 2016 Click-to-run version is configured to automatically install office 365 on your Office 365 installation whenever they are made available for public access. But sometimes, due to technical issues or other problems, you are compelled to revert to an earlier version of Office Setup 365 Click-to-run installation with Office setup product key.

For instance, an automatic update may trigger an abnormal behavior in one of your Office applications. In this scenario, you might want to revert to the older version and stick with it until a new version is made available via that addresses the problem you experienced.

Before you decide to revert, make sure to check whether the issue is severe or negligible – also weigh the consequences of rejecting the benefits of having better performance, robust security and reliable improvements that come with the latest Click-to-run updates. Such updates are accessible via after an official release.

To revert to the previous version, you need first to disable the automatic update option and set a reminder to re-enable the updates, so you don’t miss the future updates.

Follow the steps to revert to previous version of Office setup 2016 click-to-run

  1. Find out and note the previous version number. Go to the link “Microsoft Office 2016 Click-to-run update” to locate the update version that is previous to current version.
  2. Go to download link center and locate Office Deployment Tool executable “Setup.exe” file and a sample configuration “XML” file.
  3. Start Notepad and copy the following XML file, then save the file (Config.Xml) in the exact location as the Setup.exe file exist.


<Updates Enabled=”TRUE” TargetVersion=”16.0.xxxxx.yyyyy” />


  1. Click on “Start” and enter “cmd” in the search box, then right-click the cmd.exe. Run the file as administrator and then head back to Setup.exe and Config.Xml file location.
  2. Run the following command

setup.exe /configure config.xml

  1. Start an Office app such as Excel or PowerPoint and then select “Account”
  2. Go to the product information option and locate “Update Option” button. Click on “Update now”

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