Elon Musk Buys Twitter

For over a month dealing between Elon Musk and Twitter Board nearly comes to end.  As per searchenginejournal  Twitter Board have come to decision to accept to sell Twitter for  43 billion dollars. Lets see what are the factors made Elon Musk to Buy Twitter

Elon Musk’s Recent Tweets

Do you think Elon Musk thought to buy twitter randomly, no definitely not. From the start of march Elon started the disruption process. People who follow Elon on twitter knows that he slowly puts tweets like  “free speech is essential to functioning democracy do you believe twitter rigorously follow adheres this policy ?”  ” Twitter needs edit button” like that and the major poll results are same as Elon Musk’s thoughts.



Elon buys twitter


So this shows that Elon is trying to provide freedom of speech to everyone. From his tweets we can understand that no one cannot manipulate or change their tweets in future. Once Elon buys twitter he makes the all decision before that the board members influenced the operation and decision making in twitter.

Twitter has banned accounts of many big persons like Donald Trump for expressing their views. The basic idea is anyone can express their views in twitter and remains unchanged. Also he is planning to eliminate the fake accounts and bots from twitter.

Will it affect Twitter Marketing

Other than the above mentioned issue most of business and Digital marketers are thinking what will happen after this will it affect their marketing efforts or advertisement. People are using twitter to know the latest trending topics. Marketers are utilizing the data from the active users to run ads for their business. Also billions of dollars revenue generated form these areas. So there is not much change in the particular operation but as we know Elon Musk always have some other plans.

Key changes going to happen in Twitter :

  • Freedom to speech or freedom to express views
  • Manipulating or altering tweets will not be possible
  • Eliminating the bots and fake accounts
  • Open source algorithm
  • Changes in Twitter marketing( minor)

Elon Musk is still not come to conclusion what to do with twitter. He will definitely going to find a way that will change the social media trends. His vision is broader and futuristic so once it is officially has been undertaken by Elon we may know other updates

Updated news has confirmed that Elon Musk has finally bought twitter for 44 Billion dollars  and he is now CEO of Twitter

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