How to change Airtel wifi router Password

Changing the Airtel wifi router password is very easy. It is not too technical or complicated as you think. As a first time user we have faced similar problem. We can change the airtel router password by two methods. In this article we explain the methods in step by step process.

Methods used to change router password

  • By using Airtel xstream fiber app
  • By using admistration url

Airtel Xstream  Fiber App

It is the simplest way to change the password. First you need to download the Airtel Xstream fiber App from the Google play store.

Step 1: Register your mobile number and password

Once you opened the app you need to enter the registered mobile number and password. This is to login into the xstream fiber app.



Step 2 : Click on wifi setting

After the login and password setup is done you will be directed to dashboard  where various tools will be provided like internet speed test, wifi coverage analyzer and many more. In that click on wifi settings.

Step 3 : Change wifi credentials

In the wifi settings we can change password. As we are login into the app by using registered mobile number, it will automatically authorize the details and in the wifi credentials you can change wifi name and new password. Simply enter new password and click submit

How to change Airtel wifi router Password

Note : There is no option like forget password because once you login the app considers as authorized user so just enter new password.

By Using Url Administration:

It is the method used at the time of installation and can be done again also. When the Airtel representative comes and completes the installation of router he will send you and administration url.

He will also provide the router password details for first time. Once you logged you can reset the password.

You need to bookmark or save the url for further usage.

To sum up

We have explained the both ways to change the airtel xstream fiber password. We will suggest to use xstream fiber app because it is more easy and secure. Also we can have access to multiple tools to protect and monitor your wifi router. Our ofice to office team is using the airtel router and working good so far. Want to share your thoughts let us know in comment.

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