How to check your internet speed

In today’s digital world everyone is depend upon the internet. We have experienced slow internet speed from 2G till the current mostly widely used 4G. Now 5G internet service is slowly getting introduced. But the question do we actually get the internet speed the companies are mentioning. So to find out we have to check the internet speed in our mobile or computer.

What is internet speed

Internet speed is nothing but how much data can be sent to you by your service provider. It is measured in MB per second. Based on your plan selection your internet speed can be changed.

How to check internet speed

Checking the internet speed is so simple you can do it in few seconds. We can use two method to find the internet speed. There are may sites on internet which can show your internet speed. Another method is by using an App.

By using Google

  • Search “check internet speed” in Google
  • In the featured snippet Google shows Run Speed Test
  • Click Run Speed Test

Google will automatically opens a window which will show your upload and download speed of your internet connection. This speed test is done by Google’s partnership with M-Lab.

How to check your internet speed

Note: If you are using a wifi or direct LAN connection internet speed may be shown different. As a additional resource check steps to change wifi router Password

By using Apps

You can download a separate App for both PC and mobile devices. Just download and Install. App like Get net speed meter by Microsoft area available displays information on internet speed.

For mobile many free apps are available like internet speed meter lite,  speedtestby ookla. You can simply download it from Google play store.

I would mostly use internet speed test by Google because we need to know only the internet speed which we will check only few times in a day. So based on your need you can choose any way to check your internet speed.

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