How to collaborate on Office 365 documents with real-time co-authoring?

Please note that the article is implies to Word Office 365, Word 2016 Word, Word for Mac 2011, Word Online for iOS and Mac devices.

The real-time co-authoring asset featured by Office 365 has changed the working ways to a higher extinct. The feasibility to work anytime and anywhere with Office setup 365 has give professional users the freedom to share a document with multiple users. The users who have the access to a particular document will be able to see all the changes that are occurring or have undergone with.  Moreover, you can also make changes as per your need.

Office 365 documents with real-time co-authoring

Sharing a file or document online whit your colleagues increased the productivity. You can easily collaborate with your co-workers using the real-time co-authoring feature.

 However, there are certain criteria you need to follow to use co-authoring feature.

  • You need to get a subscription to Office setup 365 to access the feature so you can use advanced feature of activated product.
  • Activate the subscription via by entering the Office product key
  • Go to and Sign in to your subscription account
  • Install the latest version of Office setup
  • File or doc saved in the supported format such as file saved in .docx format in Word document

The best part of this attribute is, it is easy to use and the Collaboration is a few-step process. To share a file or folder, you just need to execute these simple steps as mentioned.

Steps to share access on Office 365 documents for real-time co-authoring:

  1. Visit and login to your Office account.
  2. Got to OneDrive or SharePoint Online and save or upload the document.
  • Select the document you want to save.
  1. Choose Share and Invite people to edit it with you.
  2. On the ‘Share’ dialogue box, choose type the name or email address of the user and click Send.
  • If you don’t want the other person to edit the file, unmake ‘Allow editing’ option.
  1. When they open and work in the file/ document in Word 2016, Word Online, and Word Android, you will perceive all the changes being made.

You have shared the file successfully. Now you can see all the changes and make modifications, add comments in real-time. If you face any issue with Office setup 365 or any other version, you may get in touch with Office customer support for help.

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