How to install Microsoft office

About MS Office Setup 

The journey of Microsoft from the Microsoft Office to the Microsoft 365 is fascinating.  

The Microsoft Office was first unveiled by Bill Gates during the 1980’s. Over the years,  Microsoft has enhanced its applications and services. The journey began with the introduction of  Microsoft Office for Windows and took shape as Microsoft Office 3.0. There had been various  versions including Microsoft Office XP, the company has also announced the release of its next  version in 2021.  

With the advent of these applications, bookkeeping and data computation have become easy. The  initial version of the MS Office Suite contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft  PowerPoint. It diversified its applications from the big three apps to various new versions  including Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. 

How to install Microsoft Office

The company launched a cloud-based subscription service in 2011 called Office 365. Unique  features such as Morph and Designer in MS PowerPoint were rolled out as a feature under Office  365. Later on, the company has promoted Office 365 as the primary source of MS Office. Office  365 took shape as Microsoft 365 in April 2020 as the company rebranded. Microsoft has  promised to release new applications and services under the same in future. 

Companies, educational institutions and individuals are using Office suite. The suite supports  Windows, macOS platforms. Mobile versions of the MS Office Suite for Windows, Android and,  iOS are also available. A report by Softpedia revealed that over a billion people used MS Office  during 2012. During the second quarter of 2020, the company reported a revenue of $11 billion  from its Productivity division alone.  

The latest desktop version is Office 2019, released in September 2018. The Microsoft Office  allows the user to secure the files with a user-generated password.  


Services of MS Office are available in various retail editions such as; 

  • Home- Personal and Student 
  • Business- Business, Business Premium and Business Essentials 
  • Enterprise- ProPlus, E1, E3 and E5 
  • Education 

Various discontinued applications or features of MS Office include; Binder, Bookshelf, Data  Analyzer, InterConnect and Streets & Trips/ Microsoft AutoRoute. 

Microsoft Office can be purchased for installation on a single device by making a single time  payment. When the user has to use it on a different device, they have to re-purchase. Also, in the  event of upgrades in the versions of Microsoft Office, the user has to purchase the new package.  

Whereas Microsoft 365 is purchased through an online subscription either monthly or annually.  It permits the users to access this cloud-based software from any device, and the upgrade of  versions run automatically. Subscriptions to Microsoft 365 Personal enables the user access in  five devices. Microsoft 365 Family connection is shared by six people that provides the services  of Personal plan. Microsoft Teams and other applications are available under Microsoft 365  Business plan for the benefit of corporate companies.  

Microsoft revealed that there were 258 million active users of the Microsoft 365 business plan on  a monthly basis during the third quarter of 2020, and there were 75 million daily active Team  users. Web services have attracted more populous during the pandemic. 

Our Ofice to Office team found interesting news update regarding Microsoft.Notably, Microsoft has become a founding member of the Global Task Force on Pandemic  Response, and Satya Nadella, the CEO, has announced a series of Covid-19 reliefs in India.  




There are no complicated procedures in accessing MS Office applications. They are simpler and  ideal to use.  

Eases the documentation process 

MS Office users would be able to keep a record of all documents related to business, personal or  educational purposes. Data collection and segregation are also simpler when the user puts the  applications to proper use.  

Offline Use 

Applications of MS Office can be accessed offline, which saves the user from incurring network  costs.  

Improves Productivity 

Businesses, educational institutions and the individuals benefit from the use of MS Office  convenient in book-keeping. The other web services offered also helps the users to improve their  productivity.  


Services offered by the Microsoft Office applications are diverse. They also support data  transfers.  

Universal Access 

The MS Office suite is compatible on all devices including mobile phones. The applications are  used worldwide since they are user-friendly. 


Improves Employability 

Knowledge of accessing and using MS Office services is an added advantage of an individual in  search of employment. Large percentage of data entries by businesses are carried out using MS  Office applications. Microsoft also offers various certifications for individuals such as Microsoft  Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Specialist Expert and Microsoft Office Specialist Master.  Trainings are also offered.  

Customer support 

Microsoft extends its support to its valuable users by timely addressing their issues online. There  are also tutorials available for the users to learn and use the applications, increasing their scope  of use.  


The data and information stored on the applications are secured. Security features offered by  Microsoft, like encrypted passwords, prevent the users from experiencing cyberattacks and  phishing. OneDrive Ransomware Detection and Recovery is an advanced security service.  

Back-up features 

Data back-up help the users extensively. Loss of information cannot be compromised. Back-up  features supported by the MS Office applications combats such loss.  

Online Storage 

Applications such as OneDrive Personal Vault support the user in storing the data of MS Office  applications online.  


How to install Microsoft Office setup 

Microsoft 365 or Office 2019 are the latest versions. Log on to your Microsoft account. 

For personal / family plans visit here

For business visit here

The older versions of the MS Office suite are also available on the website.  Choose the pack and select Install. It allows the download of a setup file. 

Run the setup file on your PC. 

Allow the application to make changes to your device as a dialogue box of ‘User Account  Control’ pops up. 

When the installation is complete, you will be able to use the MS Office applications upon  activation.


Applications offered:

  • MS Office Word 
  • MS Office Excel 
  • MS Office PowerPinr 
  • MS Office Access 
  • MS Office Project 
  • MS Office Outlook 
  • MS Office Visio 
  • MS Office Skype for Business MS Office OneDrive 
  • MS Office OneNote 
  • MS Office Publisher 
  • Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Microsoft Teams

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