Office 365 users to be the main victim of business email attacks

As per a recent report published by specialist insurer Beazley, there has been observed a great hike in the business email attacks in the second quarter of this year. The report clearly indicates that the organizations using Office 365 were on the hit list of such attacks.

According to the data released by Breach Response (BBR) Services team in the second quarter of this year, 23% of the industries from various sectors were attacked through their business emails. The business emails have become the easiest medium for the hackers. That’s because once an email account gets compromised they can have the access to almost all the accounts being used by a particular organization.

Office 365 users victim of business email attacks

Such attacks came into the limelight since 2017 and are continuously soaring this year as well. Business email compromise can be prevented by adopting two-factor authentication for all the emails. Making the employees aware of this authentication should be an integral part of the employee training. Another factor that can help to avoid the occurrence of this attack is to modify the permission settings of the third-party applications and disabling them to access Office setup 365 installed on your device.

By doing this, you can minimize the possibility of an attacker to use PowerShell, Configuration Management System, and a Task Automation as a medium to enter your device. Katherine Keefe, head of BBR Services said that the email comprises are being considered as the most expensive data breaches. In some of the cases, multiple inboxes have also been comprised by the attack.

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