Ola Electric Scooter The Grand Launch

Ola Scooter will be officially going to be launched on August 15th Independence day of INDIA 2021. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal officially tweeted the launch date of Ola Electric’s first electric scooter. He said that it had become the most pre-booked scooter in the world since the company has recorded over 80,000 reservations. In order to book the ola electric scooter you just have to pay refundable deposit of just Rs 499. Lowest booking price ever and people started booking ever since the announcement has released and it is available in a massive ten colors.

We all know very well that Electric vehicle will be the future of transportation. By the year 2030, Indian government is planning to eliminate the use of petrol and diesel vehicles.  All motor manufacturing companies around the world are involved in the process of making high efficiency e-vehicles. Ola has started the revolution in this field by the name of Ola Scooter.

Ola has been regularly sharing its small trailers and news updates regarding the Ola Scooter. Since Ola announced its booking price is just Rs.500, the booking had gone up to 80,000+ in a quick session.

Ola electric scooter launch

Ola’s massive production plant

As we all know already it has the biggest vehicle manufacturing factory in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Which such huge infrastructure its production capacity will be massive and quick for making a electric scooter. The factory has almost 9 production lines which have the capability to reach the above deadline.

As per the statement from Ola’s CEO, the company has planned to make more than 1, 00,000 charging points across 400 cities in India. Which will slightly reduce the crowding and waiting’s at the charge port. Maybe in the future the government might have made an initiative to plant more charging ports then the problem might be quickly resolved.

Why did people make so much response for ola’s pre booking?

Major reason is the spike in the price of the fuels (petrol & diesel). Yes today the price of one liter petrol is 105.25. If it continues to be in this manner people have no way other than to choose electric vehicles. It is absolutely money saving for all. As we already knew, the Revolt has already launched its motor into the market in this field.

Still there are many competitors who are beginning to join the race. However the competition between them will definitely play a major role in the price segments of the motors.

Surely by the year of 2025 we will have entry level E-bikes at affordable cost

Why do we need to have E-motors?

Humans had made enough damage to environment and other living creatures on Earth. Main reason for air pollution is due to increase in usage of petrol and diesel vehicles. E-Bikes are completely pollution free, noise free. Moreover the cost of travelling will definitely fall on a huge scale. By analyzing all these things the companies started to focus on Electric vehicle. People mindset is also moving towards EV’s.

Key features:

Ola Electric has spotted while testing for the first time in India. It will be one of the premium vehicles available right now with advanced features such as LED lighting, touch screen digital console, and much more.

It draws maximum power from a 3 Kw motor which produces 50Nm of torque. This is significantly more than any of the current pricing vehicles available right now in India

From a design point of view, the scooter has a minimalistic approach with clean, sweeping lines. It features LED lights all around and a full-digital multi functional touch screen instrument console with turn-by-turn navigation. One can also command the screen from the switch gear present at both sides of the handlebar.

Range of this vehicle

The Ola e-scooter is promised to have a minimum range of over 140km (if it uses the same swappable three-battery setup from the Etergo, the company which OLA owned, each with 1.6kWh of capacity and about 80km range). The clever banana-battery design ensures there’s plenty of room under the seat which helps in storage too.. To put things in perspective, the scooter has 47 liters of under-seat storage, which should accommodate a full face helmet.

To sum up:

These are some of the information which we get while doing a search about ola electric scooter. Still many new updates will be spotted during the launch event on coming Sunday. Ola electric has laid a strong basement for the rise of electric vehicle. As many players enters the market we can expect bikes available at affordable cost, variety of models with more technical updates.

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